9/2017 @ HELSINKI

Fintech Hackathon of Finland –
Because Money Never Sleeps!

We bring together financial industry corporations, startups, developers and regulators to experience how technology is moving the industry. How will for example open APIs and big data shape the financial ecosystems? How to meet the customer needs with a sustainable business model, following the rules.

Join us in the first ever open FinTech hackathon in Finland for your chance to work with some of the biggest and most innovative players in the financial industry, or just hack the money!


Money Transfer

Payment solutions

B2B Financial Services

Personal Finance Management

Virtual Currency

For Hackers

You have 48 hours and all the tools, including the APIs and the data for building the fintech solution the world is looking for. Shape up your team and compete for amazing prices among the glory.


For Partners

50 to 80 brilliant minds with diverse background and a strong interest in fintech innovating on your challenge for 48 hours. Real time feedback and development on your products and services. HR screening possibilities and brand awareness.

Get a head start to PSD2!

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