“Experience Productivity”
10.-11.10.2017 – Helsinki

How the future of work and digitalization is changing the physical workplace.

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Absolutely interesting speakers, with hands on experience about workspace change management.

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Daniel Davis

Daniel Davis

Director Product Research, WeWork

Based out of New York, Daniel leads a team of researchers investigating the relationship between people and spaces at WeWork. Using a range of computation and machine learning methods, his team are particularly interested in how workplaces can be designed to enhance people’s happiness, productivity, and connection to their community. Daniel originally trained as an architect in New Zealand and later did a PhD in computational design at RMIT University in Australia. He has previously published articles in Architect Magazine, AD, and ArchDaily, as well as in books such as the ‘Thought Leaders of BIM’ (2014). Outside of WeWork, Daniel works as a member of the design team completing Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Família.

Ilkka Halava

Ilkka Halava

CEO, CBC, Tulevaisuustutkija

Ilkka Halava (M.Sc. (Econ.), CBC) is a futurist, foresight coach and CEO of Prime Frontier Oy and Future Works Oy. He is one of the most popular speakers and advisors in Finland, and he has worked with more than 270 different organisations. A leading expert in sociocultural changes, Ilkka has taken part in a number of private and public development projects with Finnish and international organisations for more than 25 years. Prime Frontier Oy is a strongly future-based company, specialising in the development of working life.

Hugo Hélène

Hugo Hélène

Independent Architecture & Planning Professional

Hugo is an architect and set designer. Since graduating in 2006 in France, Hugo has lived and worked on projects in France, Germany, South Africa and now England. Influenced by the difference of cultures and crossover of techniques, he draws, makes and installs projects with the same enthusiastic creativity. Always looking for the balance between spontaneity, efficiency and truth makes him an authentic and engaged spacial designer.

Kim Baden-Kristensen

Kim Baden-Kristensen

CEO and Founder of Brain+

Kim founded the Danish brain training and digital therapeutics company, Brain+, with the vision helping people to discover and develop their brain. He is an entrepreneur with the goal of improving the mental health and capacity of all humanity by bringing science to life in applied products and services. He is bringing his considerable business experience to bear, from top level industry leadership positions and management consulting, in achieving this goal. Kim’s motto: Enjoy life, enjoy work, stay conscious, and make it happen

Mika Pantzar

Mika Pantzar

Professori, Kuluttajatutkimuskeskus, Helsingin yliopisto

Mika Pantzar (PhD) is professor (Consumer citizenship) in Consumer Society Research Centre, University of Helsinki. His current research interests focus on big data, large data sets of various forms (human physiology, netnography, social media etc.). His former project (2006-2011) Co-production of innovations – Towards an integrative theory of practice within the Academy of Finland and Aalto University was finalized in his co-authored book with Elizabeth Shove and Matt Watson Everyday life: The dynamics of social practice (SAGE, 2012). Mika Pantzar has published articles widely within consumer research, design and technology studies, rhetoric of economic policy, food and future studies and systems research.

Peter Sazonov

Peter Sazonov

CEO & Co-Founder at Treamer

Peter is the CEO and Co-Founder of Treamer, which is a startup founded in Helsinki July 2015 with the purpose of building the world’s biggest peer-to-peer marketplace for local everyday chores and tasks. The company connects families and SMBs to the trusted and enthusiastic Treamers, local hard-working and caring millennials to provide help whenever needed, 24/7. For the last 10 years, Sazonov has been developing starups such as Powekiss.

Hanna Karppi

Hanna Karppi

Head of Digital Workplace at Skanska

Hanna has over ten years of experience of communications and change management positions on a Nordic and global level. Currently she leads the development of Skanska’s global digital workplace for 45,000 employees around the world. Hanna is known as an energetic change leader who is passionate about engaging with different stakeholders and implementing new solutions in complex organizations. She is a frequent speaker in international conferences and based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Olli Kopakkala

Olli Kopakkala

Co-Founder and marketing person for UKKO.fi


1st Day – Warm Up Morning


– Robots on the rise, physical labour a thing of the past?
– AI and Blockchain changing business organisation.
– Brain training to help employees stay mentally young.
– The impact of digital transformation.
– The Gig economy or Sharing economy.
– Machine learning to get the edge.
– AI is making our work easier?

1st Day – Afternoon Exercise


– Healthy offices = Healthy workers = More productive workers.
– Offices will become places of collaboration and connection.
– Movable desk, hot desk, super desk, goodbye desk?
– Wellbeing in the workplace.
– Offices will become places for meeting and collaboration.
– Office space will decline.
– Activity based working.


2nd Day – Warm Up Morning


– How is coworking changing the business model?
– Is coworking here to stay?
– Responsive work environments.
– Space as a Service “How far can you take it”
– The benefits of remote working.
– Death of the lease.
– Big data offices.

2nd Day – Afternoon Exercise


– Technology enabling a more efficient way to work.
– The positive and negative effects of platforms.
– Communication more important than ever.
– Are we all becoming digital nomads?
– What actually is a digital workplace?
– Automation of the digital workplace.
– A productive engaged workforce.





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