What is entrepreneurial mindset?

As Financial Times states it, entrepreneurial mindset refers to “a specific state of mind which orientates human conduct towards entrepreneurial activities and outcomes”. Shortly, entrepreneurial mindset is a special attitude towards the way you see yourself in relation to your performance as a doer.

An entrepreneurially minded person is a risk-taker, influential, creative, innovative and curious. Being entrepreneurial literally means taking up something: keeping eyes on opportunities, taking advantage of those, taking risks, developing and testing new ideas, projects and businesses. Most importantly, entrepreneurs are realistic, so they are able to embrace uncertainty in all its difficulty and even benefit from that. Entrepreneurs discover problems and design solutions that would eliminate those or somehow lead to something better.

How to get more entrepreneurial in mind? 

If it doesn’t feel like you possess all the entrepreneurial qualities, there are always some things to start doing just now that will subconsciously lead to you getting your inner entrepreneur out:

No#1 “Get out of your comfort zone” In class – raise your hand, express your opinion, speak up. Attend networking events and pitching competition not just to listen to people but pitch yourself. People will definitely appreciate your efforts of coming out as an idea generator and evangelist.

No#2 “Get curious. Learn. Ask questions” How many things each day do you take for granted? Question what is around you – is there a better way to solve problems you come across? In your studies or work, how many theories or how many solutions can you come up with in relation to the same problem? Think of your knowledge as the Universe – you can expand it with the same terrific speed!

No#3 “Persevere under stress” Let’s admit it, art of never giving up might be the hardest to achieve and stress only increases as you grow up personally and professionally. Yet if you remind yourself to continue doing whatever you’re doing – keep reading a book, working out, studying, looking for a job – this will pay off and bring great patience.

No#4 “Multitask. Get flexible” Life is like a browser with many open tabs. Are you anxious to go through all of them? Truth is, you will always have to balance various things at once. If you are up to just one thing be it studies or work, take one idea you like and develop it into a side project of yours. Take an additional direction to what you do but do not lose focus.

No#5 “Control and take ownership” Self-discipline is a great skill yet again one that is really hard to achieve. You can start developing your internal control with rethinking the way you distribute your free time – can you control it or you just let it slide? Embrace responsibility for your action – spend less time blaming the circumstances, every man is the architect of his own fortune and that’s just as true as it gets for entrepreneurs.

Why does entrepreneurial mindset matter in employment? 

Long gone are the times of big corporations hiring students after graduation. Life does not seem as stable as it might have been once. Another generation of young people is entering and changing the workforce, so change the employers adapting to a fast-paced business environment.

Despite the growth of entrepreneurship and rising demand for flexibility many people still think with an “employee attitude” – going with the (work)flow, executing the tasks given by supervisors without self-initiative or passion and not acting on improving employer company’s operation. People with employee mindset do as much as they are required to do and focus on how much they are paid in relation to working hours. Nothing is inherently wrong with such attitude yet the majority of jobs require independence, accountability and creativity in solving problems.

Employers are looking for talents who will deliver great and dynamic performance, act with initiative and treat their job like an enterprise of their own. Entrepreneurial mindset or experience will advance your career prospects as employees see you as a person who stretched beyond mere studies and learned theory in practice. If you try to do more than is expected of you, if you come up with new ideas and solutions and if you are not afraid to present those, you will surely get noticed and the chances of getting promotion will only increase. Don’t just be a “=” at work, be a “>”, build legacy, make presentations, read, hunt for information like a geek and this will get you very far.

Startup experience at a young age and while still being a student is very much respected by employers – this proves you have been to the slaughterhouse of exercising your every piece of knowledge in order to build a business and got your brain muscles strong on it.

How can you benefit from Startup Cup?

Startup Cup is a great opportunity that you should not miss (remember, an entrepreneur keeps eyes open on every opportunity out there!) – you are offered a chance to develop business ideas, learn lean methodologies and exercise your professional acumen. Startup Cup will expose your mind to entrepreneurial development and a tick in the growing collection of opportunities you seized.

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