For entrepreneurs who have created their own businesses from the scratch and without any help, it is sometimes useful to get advice from other professionals. Finding a reliable partner or getting honest feedback about your business can prove to be difficult. Joining the HUB13 Connected Lunches is a great way to tackle these difficulties.

As business is mostly about relationships between people, the Connected Lunch is designed to help you create connections and to network. At the lunch, you have a chance to present your company to a group of very promising entrepreneurs and gain valuable feedback and advice.

The Connected Lunch of HUB13 helps businesses run more efficiently, through sharing of tips and best practices among the lunch members. Join the lunches to find business partners and potential customers, hire competent professionals and possibly attract investors. Connected Lunches not only help avoid mistakes in business, but also give you confidence in your abilities and get you closer to achieving your goals.

Lately, we have changed the name of HUB13 lunches from “Members’ Lunch turns Connected” to “Connected Lunch”. The new name better describes the lunches, where from now on not only the residents of HUB13 can present their business, but also companies outside of HUB13 can participate. HUB13 gives a chance to all who want to create their own network of business contacts and with the network’s help solve problems. And in turn you can provide help to other participants of the Connected Lunch.

At the last Connected Lunch, a non-resident accounting company “EVERGROW” told about their services. EVERGROW helps businesses on the accounting and finance part of business management. They offer traditional accounting services including payroll, tax report and billing services and in addition, growth consulting. Growth consulting is meant to help entrepreneurs grow their business, reach their goals and in the end have more free time.

EVERGROW uses a fixed fee policy, meaning you always know how much you pay for their services. You will also always know what you pay for, as the fee is based on a package of services tailored specifically for your business’ needs.

“Your growth, our focus” is the motto of the company. See the meaning of these words in action by joining the free webinars hosted by EVERGROW on 3rd and 17th of March on the topics “Financial basics” and “Finnish taxation basics”. Send an email to for reserving your place to the webinars. You can find more information about EVERGROW on their website

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