Ola Sundell

Ola Sundell


+358 40 549 4755

Working at HUB13: Creative freedom and a chance to create value

I came to HUB13 as a freshly graduated Designer with an interest in futures research and education. Though I had experience working in event production it was made up of a mishmash of roles and responsibilities. During my first year in the company I’ve found my stride producing kick ass industry events.

“My work is flexible, versatile and impactful”

Working in a startup has given me the opportunity to define my role together with a great team and find my place in a community. Though we all have our roles and  responsibilities in the team our territories are flexible; Every day is a chance to try out a new hat and see how it fits.
One of the benefits of a small team is seeing how your work affects the company’s growth and the industry in general. In my role as a producer I get to be at the forefront of the Construction & Real Estate Industries and affect the conversations industry leaders have.

“I have true creative freedom”

Since we work in a small team, every team member is heard when it comes time to make decisions. Here my talents in visual arts aren’t wasted but taken into consideration every time we make visual decisions. Who knew my passion for comic style illustrations and superhero alter egos would come in handy in event production?

The HUB13 team of supers is small but strong. With the trust we are given to each other by each other we’re able to create and develop better products while finding ways to grow.

HUB13 has been a great way to launch a design career in the Coworking, CRE & Workplace Industries.

Tel: +358 40 549 4755


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