The Helsinki based startup coworking space HUB13 reports of plans by the Finnish government to introduce a law to regulate how, when and where startups should be allowed to pitch. According to HUB13 CEO Ola Sundell, he has been approached by a committee lead by the Finnish Union of Union Workers that claims it has received strong support by political parties close to it to so secure the passing of the law.

According to Sundell, the committee has expressed great concern over the conditions that startups are forced to pitch in.

“The main concern seems to be that many pitching events seem to take place in the evening and weekend and in venues with poor safety and emergency plans says Sundell. The committee is determined to introduce regulation to ensure that entrepreneurs having to attend pitching events receive evening and weekend compensation according to standard union agreement.

“It seems that the authorities have opened their eyes to the number of pitching events actually going on in Finland every day” Sundell adds.

According to anonymous sources close to the Ministry of Labour, wild rumours circulate of startups having to pitch without clothes in icy conditions. Authorities have launched investigations into the matter and the new law is being hurried to ensure that people responsible for this kind of maltreatment are being punished.

With the law unions demand organisers to apply licenses for their events with clear documented plans of the motivations for the event, who is attending and how the workers’ rights of those attending are secured. The authorities reserve the right to turn down unfounded applications and thereby secure that no body is forced to danger their lives at unscrupulous pitching events.

HUB13 has expressed willingness to give more details of the plans it has publicly commented. You can get in touch with HUB13 by email or phone:

+358-44-352 66 34

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