Startup Weekend Helsinki’s Team Froodly On a Mission to Reduce Foodwaste

Team Froodly have been working really hard on their idea and have now set out to reduce the estimated 65-75 million kgs of food wasted in the Finnish food retail sector every year by informing shoppers of discounted products that are nearing their expiration date in their area.

Froodly’s contributors will upload images of these food products to the Froodly mobile app to allow shoppers to find these products by location, product and price so that customers are empowered to fight food waste and to save money in their everyday shopping.

These contributors will earn green credits for the photos of food products that they upload, which can be redeemed for rewards such as an organic box garden or additional discounts. By allowing the customers to be the ones that upload the content and eventually buy the products, it gives everyday shoppers the opportunity to make a difference and help the environment, all while saving money on their grocery bills.

Froodly’s first Food Waste campaign is underway at the K-Supermarket in Kaisaniemi, where users can see all of the daily deals in a Facebook group. The campaign can be found under the Facebook group.

Froodly’s official website