We’ve made no big noise about our future plans largely because we’ve been super busy building and realising those plans.  But it’s about time we finally announce it: we are closing HUB13 this week in Kaisaniemi and moving to Rautatalo on Keskuskatu opposite to Stockmann. The location will in other words be even better and the space like a dream: three floors with one for team rooms, one for coworking and one for meetings, events and a restaurant. The new space opens up at the start of August and it’s a must see. Reasons for coming are plenty as it also hosts the classic Marmoripiha by Alvar Aalto, the iconic Finnish architect and designer. We’re also excited to join forces with BC Papula’s Work & Meet in what will definitely be the space downtown.

Why move?

Our goal from the start was to find a business model that has the potential to disrupt existing office markets with a unique and innovative service. The current space has been our learning project and we knew that major changes would eventually have to be made once we knew more about the business and market and had built a true vision for growth. It’s taken us three years to find what we want to build and we’ve sadly realised that it will not include our current space on Kaisaniemenkatu 13.

We also didn’t anticipate the market moving so fast.

The Helsinki coworking market emerged in 2016 two years after we started and now there are serious signs of even overheating. New spaces will open in the near future at an almost alarming speed and we could already see the market overtaking our small coworking space. We’re super happy we’ve found a path forward and to be able to start focusing on bigger things ourselves too. We know there is increasing demand for our unique coworking expertise and vision as we’ve pretty much been alone in building new business models for running coworking spaces. What you see happening in the market now is institutional property owners with basic space services (reception, cleaning and catering) all doing the same thing with an updated floorplan without a clue how to set spaces apart with networks, services and events. Even the branding and concepts haven’t much improved since the birth of business parks let alone business models.

What’s next for us?

I still consider the old Kaisaniemi space to be perfect for an indie hub, but it has come with heavy commercial and technical challenges that have made everyday life too complicated for us. With a slight sense of relief, we can now focus on finalising the strategy for our Airbnb for offices service with a more refined and distinct physical space concept called Workspa and a digital platform powered by a scalable business model. It is also thrilling to start building our events business Techarena into a leading Nordic events company and perfect our Startup Academy acceleration services into a unique nationwide launchpad for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. All this should keep us more than busy even for the coming three years 😊

I’d like to express my love and gratitude to everybody who have been part of our journey so far in a space that will certainly go down in history as the first (hopefully not the last) true indie coworking hub downtown Helsinki. A special mention has to go to Sprintit, our first customer that has grown to a team of 20 experts empowering businesses with an open source ERP. How is that for a customer reference?!!

On behalf of all our past and present team members have a great summer and see you in August!


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