Interacting with customers in a more consistent and high-quality manner has nowadays become easier thanks to digitalization. While B2C companies have already embraced the change, B2B companies are still lagging behind. Most of the B2B sales are still happening offline, as the tools that sales teams prefer to use often lack complexity and analytics. Therefore, a lot of data on how to improve the product, find the right customer, and improve the sales process is actually not being collected and utilized.

Additionally, sales and marketing activities are becoming more and more interconnected in a digital world. Despite this fact, many traditional organizations still treat sales as the only revenue-generating function, thereby neglecting the opportunities that the digital sales and marketing funnel creates. The reason for that is partly the inability to change, but it is also the lack of information as to which digital strategies to focus on and what tools to use, as well as how to start that digitalization process within an organization and succeed.

This is why we at HUB13, together with Microsoft, are organising SCALED’17 Future Digital Sales Forum. In this comprehensive one-day event, we aim to cover most of the topics that cause a problem for organizations who aim to improve their digital operations. We invite top Finnish and international speakers to share their best cases, provide insights, and guide the audience on which strategies, technologies, and tools to use in order to move their organization forward. We also aim to provide practical guidance on how to use the technologies and data you already have in our workshops.

At HUB13 we are committed to bridging the gap between startups and corporations. Throughout the event, you will be able to meet the selected leading industry startups and get to know their solutions in our traditional Startup Club format.

By joining SCALED’17 you get to meet fellow top sales and marketing directors as well as CEOs facing the same challenges; you will not only network but also build more meaningful business relationships and become part of the close-knit SCALED community. We believe that the change towards more digital solutions in sales and marketing is possible and necessary, and this is why we invite you to make that change happen together with us!

Some of our already confirmed keynotes by: Electrolux, Neste, JCDecaux, Talenom, Deloitte, The Virtual Dutch Men. More coming soon at!

Watch the video about the last year’s event: 


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