Our job at HUB13 is to help companies innovate and startups grow. We also aim to launch our own internal startups first of which is the “Airbnb for Workspaces” service called Workspa that we’re launching this autumn. Since closing our own coworking space in June we’ve adopted the strategy to seek to cooperate with other coworking spaces and property owners and offer added value through our growing events and training portfolio.

As we know the Finnish coworking market has been quickly taken over by institutional players leaving very little room for independent spaces to flourish. Although saddened by the fact that Finland most likely never will get a thriving independent coworking scene we’re pleased to have succeeded in building a name and unique business model that enables us to remain a strong partner for companies offering mere space. We still believe the future of coworking is in successfully merging spaces and services and creating a unique offering and experience through those in the market. We don’t think that yet exists in Helsinki the way it’s done in bigger markets.

To incubate our growth plans we’ve decided to join perhaps the most interesting new space in Helsinki called Techcode. The interesting part with Techcode is that it’s just like us, it’s first about a mission and service and then about space. Techcode is a Chinese incubator focusing on taking Finnish startups to China and our interests go superbly hand in hand. We believe we can be a great addition in making Techcode a vibrant startup ecosystem in Helsinki through our joint events and networks.

Our previously announced co-operation with Rautatalo downtown Helsinki continues, but we’ve in other words decided to take the seat elsewhere ourselves. Being deeply involved with opening a new space while still managing the closure of another just proved overwhelming even for us. The customers for the two spaces as entirely different so rather than competing they complement each other and we’re therefore happy to refer our old and new customers to either of them as long as there’s space. We are currently enjoying having no responsibility for any particular space as that gives us room to develop our company and services stronger faster. Just what the doctor ordered.

The property market is in a very interesting phase at the moment and we are keen to take our many talks with potential new partners further in the coming year. And yes, we believe we haven’t seen the last of Finnish indie coworking yet, but meanwhile we aim to enjoy the great space and atmosphere that the folks at Techcode have already built in Ruoholahti.

Ola Sundell

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