Field of business: consulting and concepting, digitalisation

Team: 4

Year: January 2015

What a business strategist, a digital strategist, a creative director and an art director have in common? Adventure Club’s Kimmo Timonen, Tapani Nenonen, Samuli Ollikainen and Tommi Niskanen – represent a company that brings business consultancy, creativity and technology understanding into a final product. A similar idea of connecting business and creativity to same entity already exists on a global level, in UK and USA, through companies like RGA and MadeByMany.

What is interesting to see is that the team completes each other very well and their special mix of skills is a great strength to the company. As they all are partners, they are all wearing the hats of a founder. When they started the company, they never thought of an exit strategy, as the idea behind was: “It has to work!” They never scaled their business before starting, they are doing it now as they already hired their first employee. The hiring process was similar with head-hunting, as their new employee had the recommendations and she is known to be the best in her field of experience. Adventure’s Club value proposition could be ”Bringing digitalization understanding for client and convert for executable.”

As a team, they define themselves as self-organized, agile and adaptable. Their values are honesty, hard-working, constant learning and courage. In their team, there is no formal and informal power, as Adventure Club has the entire power. The decision-making process is democratic and they test the most potential decision. What keeps them motivated is the constant learning and the challenges that appear with every project. They consider themselves high-achievers due to their determination to get things done. When it comes to their financial projection they are only admitting a minimum growth rate of 100%.

They could be considered one of our oldest teams, as they joined us in January 2015. HUB 13 was their natural choice due to the location, activities and flow of people. Although Adventure Club was busy with their own customer cases, they noticed the friendly, international and professional HUB 13 team. It is a good launch pad for start-ups. The colour of HUB 13 is green, due to loyalty and trust, of renewal and stability. The city-rabbit is related with our latest growth as we expanded lately to the 8th floor and Loft Helsinki in Pasila.

Although they are leaving us the beginning of October as their team gets bigger, we were lucky to experience a bit of Adventure Club sophistication and we wish them good luck in their activity!

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