Company: Foodora

Field of business: food delivery

Established in Helsinki: April 2015 (the mother-company established in Germany in 2014)

Team members: 7 board members + 30 delivery bike-riders

Foodora, who joined us this pring, may as well be the most hardworking big team we have ever encountered at HUB13. The idea behind foodora came from America – Konstantin Mehl (the founder of foodora in Germany), noticed the growth in food delivery service when in New York and started his own premium food delivery company when he got back to Germany.      Due to the positive feedback and growth of the company, he decided to open the business in several locations in Europe, including Finland, starting from Helsinki.

As part of an expanding business, the situation of foodora’s Helsinki team was totally different from a startup, as they already had the financial power to put the business on track, so their only worry was to transform the idea into reality. They never took into consideration the possibility to fail, they adopted it as a motto – let’s get the job done and we will figure it out later – leaving space for improvements and unplanned changes.

Foodora’s service is unique in the way that connects high-quality food from premium restaurants with local clients who want to enjoy a good meal at home. Foodora’s business can be resumed to one value sentence: the best delivery service from the finest restaurants in Finland (Helsinki).

Putting the business on track is more than planning and executing, it also means continuous change of processes, operations, human resources. At first, foodora’s team consisted of 2-3 people dealing with the business development and sales. As any other entrepreneurs, they assumed roles they would never think about like accountant, handyman and operations. Anthon Clayhills, head of operations, remembers that one day, for instance, in the morning he attended business meetings, while in the afternoon he had to repair the printer or one of the bikes used for delivery.

Nowadays the team consists of almost 40 people and the business is growing and changing fast, due to the official simultaneous launch of the service in several cities in Europe. From the beginning all members of foodora emphasized two values: hard-working and bravery. Those have been implemented from the first day, as all members have been working more than 12 hours per day in order to finish their tasks and bring value to the company. Though few have the formal power due to their position in the company, the informal power is owned by everyone as all work for the same objective: success of the company. It might appear that the only motto foodora adopted is work, work, work, but they have their moments of relaxing and building relationships between its employees. They organize team building sessions, events where they associate pleasure with work. It is also a way to be thankful to the team for the hard work and long hours they spend at work along with keeping their motivation up and paying attention to their needs.

We at HUB13 were lucky enough to welcome foodora to our premises in Kaisaniemi and we are happy to offer them assistance in achieving their goals every day. Foodora’s decision to choose us was based on a cheerful presentation made by Inno, one of our hosts. Foodora enjoy the energetic, helpful and friendly atmosphere of HUB13 and we are wishing them great luck in scaling their business even further!

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