Ngendra, or Rodrigo, Gustavo and Carlos, who joined us in autumn 2014, may be as well the liveliest, unconventional, warm and noisy team we have ever encountered at HUB 13. Even though Ngendra as a company started in 2014, the story goes back to 2008 when Gustavo and Rodrigo were working for other companies. Carlos was travelling and working. The idea was to start a company as friends because if working for someone else sometimes is a burden, they wanted to work in an environment where work was fun and motivating. So they put their expertise together − Gustavo in business administration and sales, and Rodrigo and Carlos in digital marketing and they started Ngendra.

The business plan was simple and raw, they knew what they wanted and they knew how to get it: the old-fashioned way or their way. They went for the second option and they never took into consideration the idea of an exit strategy. If the business works from the beginning, they go further, but if not, they try again. They wanted to escape of the formal environment of big companies, enjoy the freedom and work with pleasure. This is why their approach towards the business and clients is unconventional; they treat every client and every project as special and they put all they have on the table.  Ngendra team enjoy meeting the clients, breaking the ice in discussing their needs bringing in an informal atmosphere too.

Although their approach is unconventional and creative, they treat every client and project as they are the most important. Due to their open and warm style of approaching the client, they get to know and understand a little bit about what their clients do and need, while the client gets to know the team. Each project or website is built first on strategy and then on action. Gustavo is the one that does planning, structuring and sales , while Rodrigo and Carlos are more creative, so their expertise in developing conjoins nicely.

The team is built on trust and honesty. They never contest their own expertise and their transparency can be seen by everyone. Even though they do not have the position in the company established as who the CEO or who the developer are; the hats are shared. Gustavo is the formal CEO as he knows the language and he studied business administration and he can deal with the official papers.

They might not have a pitch for what they are doing, but they may as well be considered the Nine Inch Nails of the digital marketing field in Helsinki. This is due to their clear and neat style, their consistence, the innovation and surprise side. They do way more than just websites!

As they joined HUB 13 in November, they grew along with us. They chose HUB 13 due to the professional and creative working space we provide for our clients. Professionalism, commitment, supportive and creativity are key words when describing HUB 13 team. The relationship between our team and our member is defined by mutual respect and friendship.

We are very lucky in having Ngendra to bring creativity, fun and energy in our environment and we wish them good luck with their projects!

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