Company: Prisma Consulting Oy

Field: Project Management, IT, Online Governance, Tendering

Team: 3

Founding year: 2002

Prisma Consulting, represented in HUB 13 by Jarmo Kinnula brings us a bit of philosophy, calm and a new perspective on professionalism. As Jarmo is one of our veteran members having been there quite from the beginning of HUB 13 he brought some criticism but mostly some development issues towards our services. Although Jarmo has been a member for a year or more at HUB13, the story of Prisma Consulting goes back to 2002. After selling TERA Group, Jarmo started the company with the idea of offering Project Management and IT tendering services for companies. Prisma Consulting shares the market with companies like Accenture and Deloitte, anyhow Prisma Consulting is an independent service provider in this area.

In 13 years since he started the business he changed the business model. At first, Prisma Consulting was conceived as a company that grows and has employees. The idea of the business is to offer deliverables by building the project. With the clients, Prisma Consulting is delivering first the Project or the product scoping and planning part as also Supplier selection (RFP), , then the other phases of the project follows where Prisma Consulting acts as project manager: building and implementing the product, launching the product, auditing the service and then transferring to another company for maintenance the product. In agile-based projects, Prisma Consulting is making RFP and Product owners tasks.

Running this kind of business with employees didn’t allow him to participate anymore in being involved in the projects so he adopted another business model. Jarmo encouraged his employees to start their own consultancy businesses, where he sometimes also became a co-founder. As Jarmo explained, in Prisma Consulting there are two more members with the attributes as he has. They are consultants in IT project management. The payment model is based in realized invoicing from customer – if one of them had more projects, then he will get the money from his work. If one of the members didn’t have a project he won’t get any money. After one year of activity, the company offers the possibility to take the share as dividends. As for the decisions regarding the company, there are regular meetings and board meetings where members have the opportunity to discuss problems. Business profit leads the activities.

When it comes to defining the values of the company, Prisma Consulting can be associated with Hufflepuff School from The Harry Potter series, as Jarmo appreciates hard-working, loyalty towards company and clients, and patience. The element of earth that represents Prisma Consulting is related with the feeling of belonging, with community and wisdom; but also practical, efficient and professional. The bear is the animal sign for Prisma Consulting, as it represents the grounding forces and strengths. It is a powerful sign due to its courage to stand up against adversity. It is the sign of leadership and taking action. These definitions leads us to the value proposition of Prisma Consulting: “We are offering high quality Project Management services in IT and online governance”.

As far as I know, a co-founder wears more hats and Jarmo is no exception. In Prisma Consulting, he is a project manager and a sales manager. When it comes to his role as a co-founder in other companies he has advisory role, member of the board, chairman of the board and investor role. When he started Prisma Consulting, he thought also to an exit strategy, just in case the business goes wrong resuming the end-game to profit. With Prisma Consulting, he is never thinking seriously to have a break from the business. A holiday for a week or more, yes; but seldom a proper time off. The educational background in philosophy and semiotics shaped his character and considers himself a high-achiever correlating professional satisfactions and ambitions to his achievements.

Last, but not least the collaboration with HUB 13 started due to the convenient location of the hub, facilities, people and startups. Jarmo uses HUB13 more for the meeting spaces than for the actual co-working space, so it is important to benefit from good services when it comes to reserving meeting rooms (coffee, tea, water, technology, whiteboard and markers). Jarmo described our team as young, flexible, unexperienced and without working practice. This is why Jarmo associated HUB 13 with an amoeba, a simple organism with high degree of adaptability. As he recommended, we can improve services and events by paying attention to details and planning everything ahead. There is also possibility to improve our internal processes in order to offer high quality services without raising the costs.

We are lucky to have Jarmo as our member as he brings a bit of perfectionism and insight in our co-working space. We wish him good luck in his activity!

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