Last week we had our Connected Lunch, where every month one resident startup company introduces their business over lunch at the main office of HUB13 in Kaisaniemi. During the lunch, members spend time together, share their business knowledge, and network with other resident companies. Over time, the business tips and tricks shared among members should become a significant competitive factor to choose HUB13 as a place for business. Connected Lunch is a great opportunity for getting to know new HUB13 members, finding potential partners, and getting feedback from fellow entrepreneurs. In this week’s blog, we are writing about a company with a financial twist. The company is, who presented their services at the latest Connected Lunch.

How often do you think about the amount of money you spend? In today’s world, it is possible to save large sums of money just by having a basic understanding of financial information. shares basic financial knowledge about interest rates, fees, terms and conditions of various financial products such as credit cards and loans. Needless to say, this type of knowledge can be very useful, as most people have at least a credit or debit card.

The banking industry is doing everything possible for the convenience of its customers by offering a wide variety of products. The most popular products are different types of cards. It is often difficult to determine which bank and which credit card is the most affordable and the most suitable. When choosing a credit card, you will probably have a lot of questions about the costs and benefits of the card. But do not worry, as you no longer need to go through the websites of bank after bank to check and compare prices. All the necessary information is quickly available through the online services of


To help customers choose the right financial product for them, presents an overview of loans and credit cards offered by various banks and credit card companies. By using the service to compare the various options available, anyone can easily determine the credit card that is the most advantageous for him or herself.


First, you need to select the type of credit card you are looking for. offers information on premium cards, airline cards, shopping cards, reward cards and basic cards. The next step is to sort the available cards based on your chosen criteria: annual fee, interest rate, flight points or reward points (points gained from buying something in selected stores). In addition, you can see the pros and cons of every card by clicking on it.

The company also provides similar information and comparison on loans.You have three criteria to sort the available loans, through which you can find the most suitable one for you. will help you make your choice quickly and free of charge. The choice you make will be objective and independent. Try their service now to see if you could save more money by switching to a credit card with more affordable rates!


Photo: Alexandra Petrova

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