Every month the team members and the resident startup companies of HUB13 gather together for Connected Lunch in the main office of HUB13 in Kaisaniemi. The teams have a good time together, share their experiences in business and network with each other over lunch. Over time, the leads generated among members should become a significant competitive factor to choose HUB13 as a place for businesses.

Connected Lunch is a great venue for getting to know new members, learning about existing members, finding potential partners and and to get feedback from fellow entrepreneurs. At the last Connected Lunch, one of the resident companies of HUB13, Finnay, told us about their services. It was very interesting to listen about their unique concept of gift giving and their future plans of changing the world of gifting. In this blog post I will introduce Finnay and its service briefly.

Finnay makes sending and receiving gifts easy and exciting. Any gift you choose from the company’s selection is hand delivered in a matter of hours, nicely wrapped and with a message from you attached to the gift. The gift selection is composed of the selections of Finnay’s partners. The company uses local businesses as its partners, as it wants to consider the nature in its business.


Finnay is offering a vast amount of gifts on their site and through its mobile application. However, as we all know, it can be difficult to choose suitable gifts for your family members and loved ones, as you will want to make them happy with your choice. The flexible team of Finnay is ready to help you with this common problem. Tell the basic information about the person that you want to present the gift to, and they will offer you different options and help you choose the right one.

Finnay Wayfinder app

For those who enjoy adventures, Finnay’s mobile app called Wayfinder offers an exciting way to send and receive gifts. First, the receiver of the gift gets a message to her phone with a link to download the mobile application. After downloading the application, a gift hunt begins!

In this mobile application, the receiver will find a special map, on which she can see the location of the gift. During the receiver’s journey to find the right location, the sender of the gift can follow the receiver’s way on the map. Upon finding the correct store and showing her phone to the employees, the receiver will be presented the gift.

The person to whom you are sending a gift will not know what you are presenting until she finds it. All you need to do is to order a gift from Finnay’s website. After that, everything is up to the person you are sending the gift to. The receiver does not only get a present, but also a great experience in the form of an exciting treasure hunt.


At the moment, Finnay is making people happy in the following cities: Helsinki, Berlin, Frankfurt, London and Tallinn. The company has plans to add more cities to the list in the future. In a really short time you can gift your presents even to people from other countries. Give Finnay’s service a try and make someone happy during the Christmas time!


Photos: Alexandra Petrova

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