Mission and Vision

HUB13 Mission and Vision – Growth as a Service

Growth as a Service

At HUB13 we’re passionate about everything that goes into building successful new businesses, but we’re especially passionate about the people who innovate, build and launch ambitious new things.

They’re all blessed and cursed with the mind and problems of an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs – the people that take risks and build businesses from scratch – have a lot of problems and one huge dilemma which is that most of them fail. Smart people know why startups fail yet nothing serious has been done to improve things. We feel it’s a disgrace how much the society spends on entrepreneurship and how little is being done to help entrepreneurs and startups steer clear of the common traps.

Our aim is to change that.



Imagine a place where you could just walk in with your laptop, meet with likeminded people, start setting up meetings, take advantage of top advice from experienced growth entrepreneurs and never have to worry about finding or running an office or finding people to coach you.

Our vision has been to build a home to entrepreneurs and help them focus on growth and then turn the whole thing into a service.

We’re designing our space and services to match the needs of growth minded innovators and our mission and vision as the leading independent Finnish coworking operator can be summed up in one sentence: Growth as a Service.

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