The pace of innovation is escalating. More and more of companies’ efforts are directed at bringing new products to market and more and more people are waking up to the reality that of all management sciences innovation is the least developed.

We can’t move faster even if we wanted to and all we know is how to incrementally improve existing products. Very few companies have models or the culture for bringing entirely new products and services to market.

A lot of eyes are turning towards startups these days, but our knowledge of building startups is equally poor. Most people don’t actually know what a startup is.

A startup is a team in search of a repeatable, profitable and scalable business model. Startups can in other words exist in the most unlikely environments and they’re heavily increasing within corporations.

The (LEAN) startup method for innovation is a cross-functional management discipline in which marketing plays a big role. Before you start building a product you must validate a customer and a customer acquisition model. As obvious as it sounds, this is not how big corporations work. Not even most startups. The method pushes you to make more mistakes with a fraction of the costs.

Startup Weekend is the leading global forum for teams, individuals and companies to learn to innovate like a startup. Speed is of essence as time constraints push people to take innovative routes to market. HUB13 is proud to host this event and facilitate more people testing their ability to do things the entrepreneurial way.

Wishing you all warmly welcome and if you can’t make it this time but are interested in the startup method, we at HUB13 are always happy to cook something together with partners. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Find out more and register for Startup Weekend Helsinki here.

Ola Sundell

040-549 4755

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