I am a new trainee in HUB13. As every newbie, I am excited to know about my new workplace and colleagues. On the first day at work, I met Linh Nguyen, who amicably and sincerely shared her stories and experience as a trainee in HUB13 with me.

First of all, let me tell you about Linh. She is a young and active Vietnamese student who has studied Tourism in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences’ Porvoo Campus. She came to Finland 3 years ago and fell in love with the greenness and freshness of this beautiful Nordic country. She told me that “Finland is so green and clean; there are so many trees. I haven’t seen so many trees in my life”.

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Linh told me that at school she had to do different projects to gain required knowledge and practical experience. She enjoyed learning by doing. As part of her studies, she needed to participate in an internship programme. That is why she started looking for an internship. Fortunately, she got to know about HUB13 internship programme via Facebook through one of her schoolmates who used to work at HUB13.

I was curious and I asked about her reason behind choosing HUB13. She smiled and told me:

“Honestly, I wanted to challenge myself by working at a start-up company, since I didn’t have any working experience in such companies. In my opinion, HUB13 is an open dynamic working environment. HUB13 is one of the most popular start-up companies in the capital region. Located in the heart of Helsinki, HUB13  offers a unique ecosystem of co-working spaces and professional events. Here at HUB13, sharing knowledge and resources is encouraged, which leads not only to business exchange but also to friendship building. I thought that joining HUB13 would also be a great opportunity for me to learn how a start-up company operates in terms of human resources, administration, finance management and development models.”

Linh continued telling me about her tasks as a Co-working Business Assistant trainee. The trainee programme consists of three parts: general hosting, customer service, and business assistance. She is responsible for taking care of the working space and assisting clients during their work at HUB13 co-working space and lounge. She expressed that it was her fortune to meet a diligent and supportive mentor who always taught and guided her through all the tasks at work. From him, she got a lot of tips on how to enhance working performance, take responsibilities, be detail-oriented, and overview business operations.

When asked about a good memory during her internship, she laughed and said:

“One of my unforgettable memories during the internship in HUB13 was a company lunch. We went to Vapiano restaurant for lunch. It was the first time that we all sat down sharing meals and stories together. It felt so warm to get to know the people that I am working with.”

She continued:

“I think HUB13 is a very active and diverse working environment, where I have a chance to meet a lot of people coming from different backgrounds. I have learned many interesting things from the conversations and stories that we shared together. I feel so grateful to spend my summer here. Ever since I came to Finland, every summer has been different. But this summer is special.

I would recommend HUB13 for anyone who looks for internship because it would be a good opportunity to gain unique experience of working at a start-up company and to make more friends. Additionally, you will be inspired by different business stories from professionals around you as well as your colleagues.”

Our talk ended in joy and harmony. I felt that I had made the right decision to become a trainee in HUB13 and felt excited about the uncountably many fascinating experiences that I would have during my internship.


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