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Are you a running a fast growing company and planning a financing round? Better come prepared because it is a jungle out there!

Venture Day is your personal guide to help you reach your goal. With keynotes from financing experts, VC’s, business angels and experienced fundraisers Venture Day will help you navigate to find your investment opportunity.


*More experts to be announced soon

Mika Marjalaakso

Mika Marjalaakso

Serial Entrepreneur, Toughloveangel, Chairman of the Board at Polka Dot Studio

Mika was the founding CEO of Viola Systems, the company which was selected as the best European startup in 2001. Mika is first and foremost a product guy and experienced startup executive and board professional. As a hobby he has personally raised and helped fellow entrepreneurs raise almost 100m€ from prominent angel and institutional investors in Finland, USA, and Russia, and advised countless startups over the past 15 years.

Harri Manninen

Harri Manninen

Serial Entrepreneur, angel investor & gaming executive

Harri is a serial entrepreneur & angel investor, and currently the Managing Director of Nordic VR Startups, a new VR/AR accelerator based in Helsinki. An entrepreneur since 2002, he’s previously co-founded Rocket Pack (acquired by Disney) and Shark Punch (Matchmade). He’s an active investor & advisor in early stage companies, focusing mainly on games & VR/AR.

Joni Karsikas

Joni Karsikas

Investment Manager at Tesi

Joni Karsikas is an Investment Manager in Tesi, a venture capital and private equity company that accelerates companies’ growth by investing in them, both directly and via funds. Joni is focused on finding the next international success stories as well as contributing to the growth of his existing portfolio companies. He joined Tesi in 2017 after 6 years as a consultant in KPMG’s Global Strategy Group where he specialised in growth and M&A strategies.

Juho Risku

Juho Risku

Serial Entrepreneur, Co-founder, Partner at Butterfly Ventures

In the fore front of digital technologies from mid -80s, serial entrepreneur since 1996, founder in four companies, M.Sc. in Economics (thesis about the effects of VC-Founder relationship quality), VC since 2012, participated 100+ investment rounds, visionary technology guy and an enthusiast ice climber and mountaineer.

Dr Terhi J Vapola

Dr Terhi J Vapola

CEO & Partner at Kansalaisrahoitus Ltd

Focusing on A rounds, Kansalaisrahoitus is a crowd funding company that has 100% track record of successful funding rounds. Terhi’s experience spans from high tech start-ups and growth companies to managing venture capital, corporate venturing and M&A. A startup that she co-founded won the coveted Red Herring Europe and Red Dot Design awards. Through her experience, she has a profound understanding of how to manage and fund startups from inception to exit.

Atte Hujanen

Atte Hujanen

CEO at Singa

Atte Hujanen first became involved with SLUSH when it was a small gathering of 300 people about to be canceled. Hujanen – together with Aalto University schoolmate Miki Kuusi – grew the event into the defining start-up conference in Europe and beyond. Now Atte is the co-founder of a startup called Singa, which gives access to over 20 000 karaoke tracks. Singa has closed a 1.75 million-euro funding round, led by Initial Capital with participation from Tamares Holdings, Superhero Capital, Reaktor Ventures and Tekes.

Jerri Laine

Jerri Laine

CEO and founder of Innovation Manager Finland Oy

Jerri has more than 20 years of experience in public funding programs and applications. Jerri has been a grant writer and been involved in grant writing of more than 20 successful EU applications. He is also an Eurostars evaluator. Before founding his private enterprise in 2010, Jerri has been an Innovation Manager in Wartsilä Corporation, a Technology Attaché in the Finnish Embassy in the United
States and a Senior Technology Adviser in the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation.

Sampsa Fabritius

Sampsa Fabritius

CEO at Kieku Labs Oy

Sampsa Fabritius is a pragmatic utopist. As an entrepreneur he is motivated by seriously ambitious goals to build a better World. Industrial disruption can be nice, noble and good when it genuinely creates more opportunities than it destroys. Kieku is Sampsa’s first love as a disruptive but socially meaningful idea –  we are building an AI powered open feed for everyone to share their voice.

Mari Peltola

Mari Peltola

Research Manager at Labmaster Oy

Mari is a scientist specialized in medical diagnostics. As the Research Manager at Labmaster Oy she is developing diagnostic test platform and its applications for the new measurement device Labmaster Oy will launch next year. She has been actively involved in applying public funding both at Labmaster Oy and at the University of Turku during her career. She has experience in how academia and industry can join forces to achieve great results.

Juha Heinola

Juha Heinola

Business Adviser at Tekes

Juha has a background in robotics and automation. He is currently working with the most ambitious, rapidly growing startups in Finland, as a senior adviser at Tekes’ Young Innovative Companies (YIC) funding programme.

Venture Day will

1. Help you to nail your company’s financing.
2. Consolidate hundreds of hours of information into a single day.
3. Let you avoid the most common mistakes made when raising financing.
4. Save you from hours of fruitless activity.
5. Reduce the risk of failing.


*Full program will be published on 19.10.2017


09:00 – 09:45 Networking Breakfast

09:45 – 10:05
“Top 5 mistakes entrepreneurs are making”

Mika Marjalaakso, Serial Entrepreneur, Toughloveangel

10:05 – 10:25
“Design as a growth mechanism”
Sampsa Fabritius, CEO at Kieku Labs Oy

10:25 – 10:45
“Crowdfunding 101 for fast growing companies”
Dr Terhi J Vapola, CEO & Partner at Kansalaisrahoitus Ltd
– Why should a fast growing company still consider crowdfunding?
– Benefits of a crowdfunding campaign compared to other alternatives
– What are the critical factors for a successful next level crowdfunding round

10:45 – 11:10 Coffee Break

11:10 – 11:30
“Public funding as accelerator for rapid growth”
Juha Heinola, Business Adviser at Tekes
– How Tekes funding accelerates growth
– What are some public funding alternatives
– Benefits of public funding compared to alternative financing solutions

11:30 – 12:00
“Eurostars funding – Looking beyond the Finnish borders”
Jerri Laine, CEO and founder of Innovation Manager Finland Oy
– Eurostars funding for international growth
– How to make a successful application
– Eurostars funding criteria

12:00 – 12:15
“Case presentation Eurostars”
Mari Peltola, Research Manager at Labmaster Oy
– Introduction to a Eurostars project

12:15 – 13:15 Networking Lunch



13:15 – 13:45
“How to get the blessing from an angel”
Harri Manninen, Serial entrepreneur & Angel investor

13:45 – 14:15
“What are VC’s looking for, a later stage VC’s view”
Joni Karsikas, Investment manager at Tesi
– Finding the right investor for the right development stage
– Key criteria assessed by later stage VC investors
– Opportunities provided by Tesi

14:15 – 14:45 Coffee Break

14:45 – 15:15
“The reasons behind a VC’s investment”
Juho Risku, Serial entrepreneur, Partner at Butterfly Ventures

15:15 – 15:45
“So you raised your first million…”
Atte Hujanen, CEO at Singa
– Raising financing is all about the right timing
– The quest for a product-market fit
– Money in the bank – now what?

15:45 – 16:30 Afterworks

*We reserve the right to make changes

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