Second Startup Cup (FIN) ahead of its grand launch in January 2017 was held on 10-11th of May at Microsoft Flux in Helsinki together with Metropolia UAS. The winning team was Imotry, and the runner up SocialWill. As promised, the winner was picked not according to idea/product but according to the extent the team went in challenging its core assumptions. Imotry proved that they were a team willing to learn and adapt their ideas according to the feedback they received from coaches and customers instead of just refining their pitching techniques without knowing who the early paying customers were.

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The winning team!

The participating teams did customer development for the first time and all reported excellent results in how facing people on the street helped them gain focus and move forward instead of going aimlessly in circles with ideas and drowning in them eventually. “We are still testing and refining the format, but clearly we can see how the method lights up in participants’ heads”, says HUB13 founder and CEO Ola Sundell in charge of Startup Cup. “In the end, success is determined not by how fast you move but how fast you learn; we are seeing that Startup Cup delivers to participants what we set out to do”, concludes Ola Sundell.

Next Startup Cup is held with Laurea UAS this October; after the first pilot round is complete, there will be a grand launch in January 2017.

To stay tuned follow our #STARTSMART blog. If you ever plan to launch a startup  – remember that Startup Cup is the perfect launch pad for you!


All the best for the summer

With love

The entire Startup Cup team

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