Startup Cup is a brand new event in which teams work for 48 hours to get as much done as quickly as possible. For startups speed is of the essence, not the quality of ideas. Test fast, test often and fail cheap are the guiding principles startups live by. To learn this mind and skills set, we’ve launched Startup Cup.

And now we’ve got more fantastic news to all those participating in Startup Cup 28-29th January at Haaga-Helia in Pasila. Top Finnish football team PK-35 from Vantaa is participating in the event to pitch you the possibility to start innovating with them.

As you know, the competition for sponsors and fans in professional sports is fears, but the loyal and passionate fans certainly make for a fruitful ground for innovation. Combining passionate people with digitisation certainly offers many ways to bring new unseen value to the business of running a football team.

The procedure is simple:

  1. The event kicks off with reverse pitches by our partners
  2. If you decide, you’d like to work on one of their challenges head to them
  3. After reverse pitches, participants pitching their own idea are on
  4. After pitching everybody chooses a team they want to join and get to work on their vision

So take your laptops and hoodies and head to Haaga-Helia Pasila campus next Thursday and Friday and join the new leading innovation challenge in town and start innovating with startups, corporations and mentors!

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